Weather Storms Tornadoes California Earthquake Today San Diego, 21 killed In Incident

Weather Storms Tornadoes California Earthquake Today San Diego – At least 21 persons were killed on Saturday as a result of tornadoes that were either confirmed to have occurred in at least eight different states or were believed to have occurred in those states. These states were spread across the South and the Midwest. They were left to clean up the damage that the storm had left behind while the potential for even more severe weather lingered in the distance. According to data given by, power outages in the United States affected over one million people on Saturday afternoon and encompassed a considerable area of the country, extending from Arkansas to New York.

The disruptions began in Arkansas and reached as far east as Massachusetts. These blackouts were experienced in a number of states all around the United States. Significant power outages were caused by the heavy weather that was going into the Northeast, while sections of the Midwest and South were still recuperating from the disaster that started on Friday. The severe weather that was moving into the Northeast caused considerable power disruptions. Damage was incurred in a number of states as a direct result of the storms that moved over the region.

These states include Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Iowa. The National Weather Service has warned that severe thunderstorms and gusty winds are on the way for parts of the Ohio Valley, the Northeast, and the middle Atlantic region, so residents in those areas should be prepared (NWS). According to AccuWeather, several regions in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York are under watches for severe thunderstorms. There is a possibility that a few tornadoes, scattered hail, and wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour will be produced by these storms.