video: a conservative activist was attacked in trans rights rally in Canada, car accident

Grandview Park – In Vancouver, Canada, on Friday, a conservative protester trying to speak with rallygoers while carrying a sign with anti-trans sentiments was repeatedly attacked on camera. As Billboard Chris interviewed the 100 rally attendees at the Grandview Park event, he said that he had been “assaulted a few times.” Billboard Chris is well known for counter-protesting leftist gatherings across Canada and the US.

In a video of the encounter that he posted to Twitter, Elston remarked, “Had another successful day having talks on this trans day of visibility.” A transgender woman was shown on point-of-view video approaching Elston and hurling insults at him as many Vancouver police officers watched from the sidelines.

You’re awful. F-k you. You’re not wanted, f-ck you. F-k you. You are a complete moron. F-k you! “The woman said as a group entered her conversation and joined it. Elston doesn’t seem to mind the woman getting louder and more aggressive as she gets closer to him. Elston snatches the camera out of his grasp as the attacker lunges at his throat.

The two are on the ground with their hands on each other when a throng of protesters and counter-protesters jumps in to break it up. Police only got involved after a physical altercation. Before the fight heated up, one of the officers could even be seen laughing in the background. The woman was pushed away by Elston once she was just inches from his face, according to another perspective of the attack, also at her throat. “Get your f-ck off of me, please! As the two fell to the ground, she yelled.

Elston has been attacked in front of the camera twice before. Another video showed a group of people tugging at Elston’s camera and moving his poster, which stated, “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers,” while wearing hooded camouflage coats and facial covers. Then, one man started kicking and pushing Elston, giving him a scraped nose. Elston was informed by Vancouver police that the altercations appeared to be “mutual” and probably did not amount to a criminal assault.

Elston was allegedly told by one of the officers that he was attempting to start a fight before the attacks. In the end, the department decided to launch an investigation to examine the recordings and witness statements. Police reported that no arrests have been made, however, charges may eventually be dropped.

“The VPD needs to be sued. I’ve got to. Both the assault on our children and the police’s facilitation of violence and disorder must stop. What a bizarre day,” Elston said in a different post. A similar pro-transgender event that was set to take place in Washington, DC, was postponed just days before the violent attack.