Veachel Pennington Obituary, Tennessee Native Has Sadly Passed Away

Veachel Pennington Obituary, Death – Mrs. Veachel Pennington, who passed away on April 6, 2023, at the age of 78, was a patient at the Celina Health and Rehabilitation Center at the time of her passing. Mrs. Veachel Pennington had made her home in the Celina region of the state of Tennessee up to the time of her passing, which

occurred at the time of her passing. She went away when she was 78 years old. The Celina Health and Rehabilitation Center played host to her memorial services on the day of her passing. (Celina Health and Rehabilitation Center). That particular date is one that has the potential to be used as an explanation for her departure. If you are interested in reading the full obituary, please go to our website, which may be found at

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