Tyler Matthews Obituary San Antonio, TX, Tyler Matthews Has Passed Away

Tyler Matthews Obituary, Death – Tyler Matthews has passed away. Big Hollow School is located in the same part of Ingleside as the house that Tyler had wrongly thought belonged to him but was actually owned by someone else. He loved playing video games on his iPad and Nintendo 3DS, was an avid Disney fan, and had a soft spot for pets and monster trucks.

He also adored playing video games. In his spare time, he enjoyed playing video games. In addition to all of that, he was an outdoorsman who loved swimming and camping, and he was quite talented in the arts. Playing practical jokes was Young Tyler’s specialty, and he was a master at it. He was incredibly endearing and had a knack of making people laugh. He was also an expert at performing practical jokes and was quite good at it. He regularly has success making people laugh and putting a smile on their faces.

Tyler is survived by his parents Floyd C. “Sonny” and Cindy Matthews, his brother Tanner, his maternal grandparents Alex and Rita Shustitzky and Scott Shustitzky, as well as his paternal grandparents Leandra and Robert Carney, and his paternal grandparents Alex and Rita Shustitzky. Tyler also departs from his maternal grandparents, Alex and Rita Shustitzky, and his paternal grandparents, Leandra, and Robert Carney.

Both Leandra and Robert Carney, Tyler’s paternal grandparents, and Alex and Rita Shustitzky, his maternal grandparents, are still living. Also still living with us and in excellent health are Tyler’s grandparents on both sides of the family: Rita and Alex Shustitzky on his mother’s side and Leandra and Robert Carney on his father’s side. Also, Tyler’s grandparents are still here and healthy. This includes his maternal grandparents Alex and Rita Shustitzky as well as his paternal grandparents Leandra and Robert Carney. Both his father and his father’s grandfather, Floyd Matthews Jr., had already left this world before he died away. Floyd Matthews Jr., his grandfather, was his great-grandfather.