Tre Knight Motorcycle Accident, Acworth, GA, Motorcyclist dies during high-speed chase

Tre Knight Obituary, Death, Accident – Tre Knight has died in a fatal motorcycle accident. On Monday evening, a motorcycle rider who had led law enforcement on a high-speed chase that had across county lines was killed when his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a car.

The crash took occurred in the vicinity of the intersection formed by Cobb Parkway and Acworth Summit Boulevard. According to the report filed by the Georgia State Patrol, an accident took place when a Honda Accord that was turning left into an intersection collided with a motorcyclist who was riding at a high rate of speed and was approaching an intersection. At the scene of the collision, medical personnel determined that the male rider of the motorcycle had succumbed to his injuries.

The individual who was driving the Honda was taken to the hospital after sustaining injuries that were deemed to be potentially fatal. According to the Georgia State Patrol, prior to the collision, troopers were assisting the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office in their pursuit of two motorcycle drivers who were racing on Georgia State Route 3 close to Mockingbird Road.

The troopers were assisting the sheriff’s office in their pursuit of the two drivers because they were racing on Georgia State Route 3. The chase of one of the motorcyclists who was continuing to drive “in a reckless fashion” into Cobb County was started by the troopers. The rider in question was driving into Cobb County in an unsafe manner. The police have not disclosed the identity of the individual who was murdered while riding a motorcycle due to their investigation into the incident.