Tom Jenning Obituary, Man Has Sadly Passed Away

Tom Jenning Obituary, Death – It is our duty to inform those around us about the passing of Father Tom Jennings, but we must do so with the firm belief that the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us reason to continue to have hope. This is something that needs to be done for us to fulfill the obligation that we have as a church, and we

cannot do that unless we do this. It is essential that this information be communicated to the other party in some fashion. He was born in 1944, and he went away this morning in the peaceful environment of his own home, surrounded by the people he loved the most. He was in his 74th year. The year 1944 was the year that Father Tom was born. The year 1944 was the year he was born. The arrangements for the funeral have not yet been brought up

to their required level of completion with all of the necessary finishing touches. We ask that you keep Reverend Tom Jennings and the rest of the Jennings family in your prayers. Thank you. Your kindness is appreciated in advance, and we are thankful for it. If you could remember the remainder of the Jennings family in your thoughts, it would

mean a lot to everyone else in the family. Dear Lord, I ask that you may bestow upon him the peace that can only be found forever and that the light that illuminates eternity may shine upon him. I pray that these things will happen. It is my hope that through the mercy of God, the soul of Father Tom, together with the souls of all the faithful who have passed away, may finally find the peace and solace that they so justly deserve. It is my prayer that this may be the case. Amen.