TJ Faulise Obituary, Norwich CT, Owner at Detail Life Has Sadly Passed Away

TJ Faulise Obituary, Death – After a valiant fight with cancer, Theodore A. Faulise, Jr. (TJ) passed away peacefully at home, accompanied by his cherished father Theodore A. Faulise, Sr. (Ted), and the “love of his life,” Kristin Goodwin. Aniela Faulise and Kendall Faulise were appreciated and loved utterly by him. TJ was preceded in death by his cherished mother Robin (St. Michele) Faulise and his adorable baby sister Erin.

TJ was a Griswold, Connecticut native who had lived there his entire life. He enjoyed the comfort and attractive surroundings of his village and took pleasure in what he called home. TJ had a brief but abundant life, and he was conscious of his blessings. His family was large and caring, and he had a wide variety of close friends from all backgrounds.

TJ had a variety of interests and pastimes, participating in a variety of heart-pounding sports like skating, wakeboarding, skimboarding, and surfing, as well as riding and racing many types of bikes (including dirt, mountain, road, and BMX). TJ was influenced by the music of all genres and enjoyed sports including football, baseball, comedy, getting into mosh pits, playing his electric guitar, and going to live performances.

TJ dedicated himself to the duties of a family man, Rastafarian, and devoted company owner for most of his adult life. TJ was tremendously committed to “Detail Life,” his well-established and wildly successful auto-detailing business and it was a significant part of who he was (thus the name). TJ had an admirable level of love for his line of work and never once thought of it as “work.”

TJ was fortunate in many respects, including his appearance and hair. He had magnificent dreadlocks with spiritual and religious significance before starting treatment. He was charming, compassionate, unique in all the right ways, and distinctive. Even though he sometimes went beyond the pale and broke the rules, he always had the best of intentions.

His final word to his family before his incomprehensible, incomparably, and unfairly AF departure was that he wanted all beings to experience happiness and love. On Friday, April 7, 2023, there will be visiting hours from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Griswold Funeral Home & Crematory in Jewett City, Connecticut. Please visit for a memorial guestbook.