Suzanne Chlapecka Obituary, Glen Ellyn, Illinois Resident Has Passed Away

Suzanne Chlapecka Obituary, Death – Suzanne Chlapecka of Glen Ellyn, Illinois has passed away. Countless people referred to Sue as a “saint,” not just because of the suffering she endured at the hands of her four children, but also because of the countless times she placed her friends and family before herself.

She evidently enjoyed the holidays since she would occasionally host Thanksgiving for up to 50 guests and then a few weeks later throw her legendary Christmas party to invite everyone who couldn’t attend Thanksgiving to her home. Sue’s commitment to and unshakable love for her children and grandchildren made a positive difference in their lives. She took care of everything for them, from providing them with unexpected transportation home at three in the morning to putting freshly baked treats on the kitchen counter.

She was available to them all the time. Many people thought of Sue as a generous and forgiving friend who was always willing to lend a helping hand or just cheer them up with a sympathetic call or an invitation to visit. She greatly awaited her annual trip to Cape Cod and any chance to visit her brothers and friends.

Later in life, she started working at Drumlins Travel as a group organizer since it was the perfect profession for someone who enjoyed dealing with people and traveling. As the person in charge of the Syracuse football team’s travel during the club’s incredible run in the late 80s to mid-90s, she certainly booked more bowl trips for the team and its supporters than any other person in SU history.

After the University moved the sports travel in-house, she continued working for Premier Travel for a few more years, helping friends and family arrange the perfect vacation or honeymoon. For the next 20 years, she served as a court clerk, first for the Dewitt Town Court and later for the Syracuse City Court, before retiring in 2017. She was able to accomplish this thanks to her prior court experience, which she had acquired via the escapades of her kids. Sue served in a number of volunteer roles over the years, volunteering many hours to the community and schools.