Sheri Foster Obituary, Milton Crash Victim Identified

Sheri Foster Obituary Death – The woman who was involved in a collision on Thursday morning and later died as a result of her injuries has been identified by the relevant authorities. She was 30 years old at that point in her life. Sheri Foster, who lives in Clayton, was spotted by the Delaware State Police early on Thursday morning heading southbound on Route 1 in the direction of the south. This is according to the report that was filed by the DSP.

It is reported that a man of 81 years of age from Millsboro and a woman of 75 years of age, also from Millsboro, were driving east on Route 5 when they allegedly pulled out in front of Foster and his family as they attempted to cross the highway. Foster and his family were attempting to get across the highway. This information originates from the report filed by the police. When the driver was unable to maintain control of his vehicle, it went out of control, smashed into a fence that was located on the east side of the northbound lanes, and then spun out of control again.

According to the police, the vehicle driven by Foster also turned, which led to a collision between that vehicle and a third vehicle in the midst of the lanes of traffic traveling in the southern direction. During the collision, both the driver and passenger of the first automobile sustained injuries; however, it was determined that their injuries did not pose a significant risk to their lives; hence, they were transported to a local hospital by ambulance for treatment. The male driver of the third vehicle, who is 32 years old and was born in Hartly, did not receive any injuries as a result of the collision. He is described as having a medium build. When he passed away, Foster was a patient at a neighboring hospital. He had been there for some time.