Shelby Dorr Obituary, Yakima WA, Shelby Dorr has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Shelby Dorr Obituary, Death – The Passing of Shelby Dorr as well as the Reason for Her Death – Obituary On Thursday, July 26, 2007, Shelby Dorr, a resident of Lakeland, Florida, passed away unexpectedly at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. She was 86 years old. On October 4, 1920, in the city of Burlington, Vermont, the birth of Shelby Dorr took place. He was the son of Leon and Helen (Curtis) Dorr. His father was the one who gave him his name. His father’s name was Leon, and his mother’s name was Helen.

He was named after his father. Before relocating to Lakeland, Florida in September of 2004, he had lived most of his life in Jackson, which is located in the state of Michigan. In September 2004, he made the move to Lakeland, which is located in Florida. In February of 1952, Shelby wed Laurel Thompson, and the pair went on to have four children: Dr. Robert (Amy Vannatter) Dorr, Carol (John Politz) Melcher-Politz, Deborah (Stephen) Lazaroff, and Diana Dorr.

Carol married John Politz, and John Politz wed Carol. Carol Melcher-Politz married John Politz, who married Carol Melcher-Politz. Every single one of their offspring has survived to the present day. He often boasted about his children’s achievements and the advanced degrees they had earned, and he felt an immense amount of pride for all of his children as well as his grandchildren. Although his first marriage ended in divorce, he wed Carole Cole Kirkbride in 1978, and she is still living today. Their marriage has made it through to the present day.