Shedricka Anderson Obituary, Assistant Solicitor passed away unexpectedly after a brief illness

Shedricka Jamison Anderson, an assistant attorney, lost away in a sudden and unexpected manner following a very brief and unexpected struggle with illness. She had been sick for a relatively short period of time. We are aware that this information will make you feel upset, and it is with heavy hearts that we share it with you because of this knowledge. Shedricka’s notoriety quickly grew beyond the confines of the Berkeley office and quickly spread across the full of the remainder of our company as a whole. Her academic career was launched at Clemson University, from which she graduated with a bachelor’s degree, and continued at South Carolina State University,

from which she graduated with a master’s degree. After that, she went on to complete her legal school and eventually started her career as an attorney. Her first stop on the road to academic success was Clemson University. She was an outstanding attorney who devoted herself to assisting us through the most difficult portions of our circumstance. She was able to complete any task that was given to her, regardless of the amount of work or the level of difficulty that was involved in the undertaking.

Shedricka was held in extremely high regard by everyone who knew her, including her husband, her three children, and anybody else who had the opportunity to interact with her in any capacity. This included Shedricka’s spouse in addition to her children and other family members. As a direct and immediate consequence of this awful occurrence, our entire professional community will be greatly impacted in a variety of ways.

Shedricka was a nice woman who aimed to help the people in our community become improved versions of themselves and wanted to do so with the intention of assisting in the process of doing so. She also wanted to do so with the intention of helping others become improved versions of themselves. Already, the void that she has left in our lives is becoming heartbreakingly clear to both of us.