Scott Greenfield Obituary, Man Killed At Berry Plastics In Henderson

Scott Greenfield Obituary, Death – The office of the coroner in Clark County, Nevada, worked diligently to determine the identity of the industrial worker who was killed on the job on Monday. As a result of their efforts, the identity of the industrial worker who passed away on the job has been determined. According to the information provided by the police, a man called Scott Greenfield, who was 42 years old and from Henderson, was found dead at Berry Plastics, which is located at 800 E. Horizon Dr., right next to Boulder Highway. According to the report that was released to the public by the coroner on Tuesday, Greenfield was apparently killed when a piece of machinery that had fallen on top of him caused him to be crushed to death.

According to statements made by Teri Williams, who works as a spokesman for the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an investigation is apparently being conducted at this very moment. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Berry Plastics named Eva Schmitz issued the following statement: “The firm sends its greatest condolences to the family of the employee, as well as to the individual’s colleagues and coworkers.”

According to the information provided by the company, Berry Plastics, which has its main office located in the state of Indiana, operates more than 90 plants in different countries. One of the locations of the company’s operations in the United States is the facility in Henderson, which has a total employee count of 180. It is a maker of a wide range of items, some of which include packaging, flexible films, and plastic cups.