Sandee Bonita Obituary, Death, Las Vegas NV, Radio Personality at Jammin 105.7 Has Passed Away

Sandee Bonita Obituary, Death – Man My thoughts and my heart are still reeling from the exquisite soul who was both my day one radio partner and the person who crushed my heart. This person was both my day one radio partner and the one who ruined my heart. I am still reeling from the influence that they had on me. My emotions and intellect are still reeling from the affect that being in her presence had on them. I shall never forget her.

We both started working at 97.5 on the very same day, and ever since we both started working there, we haven’t skipped a beat when it comes to riding for the other station. She was a direct person who always emitted an eager and nice attitude to individuals who were in the immediate area of her at any given time. I love you sis Sandee Bonita has my word that I would always make it a point to continue representing the West child.

This is something that is incredibly significant to me. This is an issue that holds a significant lot of relevance for me. This is a subject that is really significant to me on a number of different levels at the same time. In reference to this matter, she is entirely and utterly bereft of any foundation upon which she should be worried in any fashion. R.I.H. OMG!! What!!? Derrick Reeves.

You just gave me with some facts that makes me feel disheartened when I think about it. The recollection of us all working together is so fresh in my mind that it feels like it happened just yesterday; we had such a good time doing it! In every imaginable sense, she was the epitome of the word “sweetheart,” which she portrayed flawlessly. RIH Sandee Bonita