Ryan Cadotte Obituary, Massachusetts Native Died Battling Cancer/osteosarcoma – GoFundMe

Ryan Cadotte Obituary, Death – This week, the world said goodbye to a true warrior and an angel. Dylan Cadotte was only 14 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer and fought valiantly for 18 months against it. It was same cancer that had taken his leg before he passed away. Dylan was a kid who truly stood out from the crowd. GoFundMe

He had wisdom far beyond his years and a huge smile permanently plastered on his face at all times. He was able to make the best of even the most difficult circumstances. Always maintained that upbeat and optimistic outlook. He was wonderful to have conversations with because he was so interesting and intelligent with his responses. I was always amazed by his extensive knowledge and his inquisitive nature regarding anything and everything. He frequently enlightened me on aspects of life that I was unaware of.

He had such a compassionate, loving, and understanding nature toward other people. A great number of people will, without a doubt, miss Dylan, and his kind and generous spirit will never be forgotten. Please keep Sara and her family in your prayers. I can’t even begin to fathom the anguish she must be experiencing as a result of the loss of her son Dylan, who bravely fought osteosarcoma with all of his might and did everything he could to beat it.

During the past five years, Sara has been through an incredible amount of suffering. First, she lost her husband, and then she was diagnosed with breast cancer and forced to fight for her own life. Most recently, Sara lost her child to bone cancer. I am aware that everyone is going through a difficult time right now, but I am sure that anything would be of assistance and would be sincerely and greatly appreciated in order to lay Dylan to rest in the most beautiful way possible.