Richard Jenks Obituary, Redhill School Tutor, Richard Jenks Has Died

Richard Jenks Obituary, Death – We learned on Saturday, April 1, that Dr. Richard Jenks had passed away, and ever since we got the news, we have been in a state of tremendous anguish because of it. We found out that he had passed away. Dr. Jenks was an educator at Redhill School for seven years, beginning in the year 2012 and ending in the year 2021.

For 10 years, Dr. Richard Jenks served as a teacher of Information Technology, Computational Thinking, and Design in both the Junior School and the Senior School. His students included those in grades 7 through 12. He served in this capacity at both of the schools.

Throughout that period, he imparted upon us not only his vast knowledge but also his skilled professional expertise as well. He was an outstanding teacher and a valuable member of the team who possesses a special gift for developing a relationship with his pupils.

He was a fantastic educator. As a direct result of this, he was easily able to carve out a place for himself in the hearts and minds of the kids. He was thought of in the highest possible terms.

We would ask that you accept our deepest sympathies on behalf of his family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones on behalf of the whole Redhill School community. We are truly sorry for the loss you have suffered.