Red Robinson Obituary, TV personality Red Robinson Has Passed Away

Red Robinson Obituary, Death – On Saturday, Red Robinson, who had been suffering an illness for only a short while, passed away. It is with a great deal of sadness that we say farewell to him.

Although he was famous for his work as a rock-and-roll DJ, a TV personality, the head of an advertising business, and a spokesperson, we knew him best for the philanthropic work he did with Easter Seals. He worked with people who had disabilities and helped them lead more independent lives. More than one hundred million dollars were raised as a result of his hosting Timmy’s Christmas Telethon for a total of 23 years, and he was able to have a good influence on the lives of a great number of children and adults with disabilities as a result of his efforts.

In 2016, he was awarded both the Order of British Columbia and a floor in the Lions International Children’s building in appreciation of his tireless efforts to the philanthropic landscape in British Columbia. Both honors came about as a result of the work he had done in the previous year. These distinctions have been bestowed upon him in acknowledgment of the services that he has made to the charity community within the province.

We are very grateful that he chose to include us in his legacy, and we are honored by the fact that he brought so much love and compassion to the work that we do. We are very appreciative of the fact that he enabled us to be a part of his legacy.