Rayvon Moten Obituary, Battle Creek, MI, has Died – Death Cause

Rayvon Moten Obituary – The deceased, Rayvon Moten, was the son of London Brown and Terrell Moten. My name is Jaeden, and I am writing to ask for aid with the costs associated with making arrangements for Rayvon’s funeral. On the evening of April 7, 2023, in Battle Creek, Michigan, we received the devastating news that Rayvon had passed away, which caused us a great deal of grief.

We are devastated by this terrible loss, but we would be grateful if everyone in our community could help this family through the challenging process of deciding how to appropriately bury their son. We are crushed by this tragedy. Rayvon, age 7, was a genuine gift to each and every person he came in contact with, and he is deserving of a memorial service that is just as delightful as he was.

This family had no way of knowing that such a terrible disaster was going to befall them, and they were making preparations for the exorbitant costs associated with a burial. I am making this request to each and every one of you in the hope that you will be able to lend a helping hand to them during this challenging time, when they are already dealing with a significant amount of stress and emotional agony.

We are looking for donations to help us with the preparations for Rayvon’s funeral as well as his transportation. We anticipate having reached our goal of $10,000 donated to our cause within the next week or two. Although the specific venue of Rayvon’s funeral has not yet been decided upon, it will take place in Detroit, Michigan, the city in which his parents were born and raised. (will be updated as arrangements are set)