Raul Zamarripa Obituary, Former Valley Athletic Trainers Association Worker Has Died

Raul Zamarripa Obituary, Death – Our dear friend Raul “Dr. Z” Zamarripa passed away peacefully in his sleep on Saturday evening. He was known as “Dr. Z.” In addition to being our friend, he was also our coworker, colleague, and mentor. He was an integral part of our lives in many ways. Raul “Dr. Z” Zamarripa was a well-known character who was also a qualified medical professional who went by the moniker “Dr. Z.” His nom de guerre was “Dr. Z,” and it was an alias. Despite the fact that doing so puts a significant amount of strain on both of our emotions, we feel obligated to share these upsetting truths with you.

We ask that you kindly accept our deepest apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause. Always keep in mind that his wife Nora should be included in your prayers whenever it is possible to do so, and always remember to do so. Keep in mind that this should be done whenever it is possible. Bear in mind that this ought to be carried out every time that the opportunity presents itself. I am grateful. Absolutely inexplicable cruelty and complete lack of compassion for the suffering of others! Our professional relationship on the TSATA board in the early 2000s was the catalyst that started the fire that would become our friendship.

During that time period, Raul was an enormously useful resource for us, and it was during that time period that we first began to become friends with one another. What was ultimately responsible for the growth of our friendship was the time that we spent working on the board together at this point in time. We are not going to allow ourselves to forget him in any manner, either in our thoughts or in any other way at all. We are not going to forget him.