Phillip Rich Obituary, Visalia, CA, Phillip Rich Has Sadly Passed Away

Phillip Rich Obituary, Death – Phillip Rich was born on March 4, 1984 in Visalia, California, to his parents Catherine and Dennis Rich, who have always been tremendously proud of their son. Phillip was the gift that God had given them. His mother and father praised him as being extremely kind, smart, and protective, and they said that he was an endlessly caring big brother. Phillip moved to Visalia when he was in junior high and attended his first public school there.

He had spent the first two years of his life in Hume Lake, and he grew up in Elderwood, where he had an exciting, homeschooled childhood full of priceless memories and continuous laughter. Before moving to Visalia, Phillip lived in Elderwood for the first two years of his life. In 2002, he received his diploma from Golden West High School, where he participated in the school’s chorus and theater productions and formed his first band. Music was Phil’s greatest interest in life and his greatest passion.

He was a passionate player of the guitar as well as a fan of punk rock, and he spent many hours with his pals rehearsing and performing live gigs with his band all over the central valley. When Phillip wasn’t strumming the guitar, you could find him completely absorbed in a video game. In 2005, Phillip Parker had his first child, Ethan Parker, whom he referred to as his “mini-me” and of whom he felt an overwhelming sense of pride. Nine years later, he became a father to the adorable baby girl he named Sydney (Button) Elizabeth, who quickly had her father completely captivated by her antics.