Paul Fess Obituary, Board Member Of Gaston Museum Has Passed Away

Paul Fess Obituary, Death – Paul Fess, a longtime member of the Gaston Alumni Association and the Museum Board, has passed away has left my family and Myself unable to find any consolation in our grief. Paul volunteered his time and energy in both of these organizations with great dedication. While he is being held in the arms of his Master, he feels absolutely nothing but peace and contentment. We are unable to share any information at this time on the memorial services that will be held; nevertheless.

We ask that you pray for his loved ones as well as those who were close to him. Red Devil, you did a good job for us, and now it is finally safe for you to go to bed. The thoughtfulness of Paul, his amusing anecdotes, and his charismatic demeanor will always be ingrained in my memory, and I will remember how fascinating he was to be around. He was kind enough to relate to us his life in Gaston and Joinerville, as well as his in-depth familiarity with the natural surroundings of the area, which he generously shared with us.

He was well-known for being a reliable friend to the clan, in addition to being a respected member of the community as a whole. When Katherine and Cecil Fowler needed his assistance, they knew they could count on him to be there for them. Katherine and Cecil Fowler could depend on him. In this sense, he never failed to come through for them. Your presence is going to be much missed by all of us.