On the Road to the Airport Crash: 2 Nuns Died, 2 Wounded

A tragedy that took place today at Newark Airport left two nuns dead and two other sisters injured. The nuns were on a tour to see jets take off and land at the airport when the catastrophe took place. Today was the day that the accident took place. Sister Deborah, who was 26 years old when she died, and Sister Eugenia, who was 22 years old when she died have been recognized as the deceased nuns by the authorities. Both of the sisters were discovered in their respective convents.

On Seney Drive in the Bernardsville neighborhood is where you’ll find St. Elizabeth’s Convent. Sister Valerie, who was forty years old and was also from the same convent as Sister Gabriella, was described as being in fair condition at the St. James Hospital in this city. Sister Gabriella was also from the same convent.

The four Sisters of Mercy had the intention of going to the airport, but on the way there, Sister Valerie, who was driving, lost control of their vehicle on Route 22 at the Empire Street ramp. The accident caused the four Sisters of Mercy to miss their flight. An accident struck the group of four women as they traveled to the airport at the time of the incident. They had not accomplished it just yet, but they were coming very close to doing so.

The driver was unable to maintain control of the vehicle, and it suddenly veered into the path of traffic that was approaching from the opposite direction. It was partially crushed as a result of a collision with a concrete abutment that was caused by a truck that collided with it and caused the collision. Salvatore Saro, who is currently 34 years old and lives at 2062 Bay Ridge Parkway in Brooklyn, was the one who was behind the wheel of the truck when the accident occurred. He was not suspected of involvement in any criminal activity at all.