Norma Morby Obituary, Norma Morby Has passed Away At Age 98

Norma Morby Obituary, Death- A citizen of Forestburg who had lived in Bowie and had reached the age of 98 years before passing away on March 31st, 2023. She was born in the town of Forestburg on November 20th, 1924, and her parents were William Paul “Willie” Orrell and Nova Elizabeth Jane (Lanier) Orrell. She was the daughter of William Paul “Willie” Orrell. They chose Bowie, Maryland, as the location for their wedding on June 23, 1943, and George William Morby served as her groom.

They were together throughout their lives and were blessed with two lovely daughters: Daphne Sue and Syretta Jane. Because George was serving in the military during World War II when they first met, they were forced to spend a significant portion of their early life together away from the everyday activities of civilians. After finishing her schooling at the Forestburg school, Norma got work as a dispatcher at Consolidated, where she worked on airplanes for the military during World War II. During this time, she was in the United States.

During her travels, she went to 13 countries and 44 states, and she is quite proud of the fact that she walked the Great Wall of China and saw the Buddha while she was in Japan. Her adventures took her to many other countries and continents. She went on a trip that spanned both oceans. She received her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Texas Women’s University in Denton. Her major was in social work. By her work as a special educator over the course of her twenty-year career, she was able to make a big difference in the lives of a great number of individuals.

Her son-in-law James Hathorn of Forestburg, along with her daughter Syretta and her husband James Hathorn After her departure, she will be survived by a number of people, including her son-in-law Russell Nunley of Graham, her grandkids Russ Nunley, Ross Russell, Cooper Nunley, and Kaliska Russell, and her brothers Leo and his wife Dolly Orrell of Forestburg and Jerry Orrell of Forestburg.
Her daughter Daphne Nunley and her brother William “Buster” Orrell both passed away before her. She was the last surviving member of her family. Willie and Elizabeth Orrell, who raised her, passed away before she was born.