Nicole Reza Obituary, 26-Year-Old Woman Shot, Killed In Des Moines Shooting Incident

Nicole Reza Obituary, Death – The Des Moines Police Department revealed in a tweet that the suspect in a killing that took place in Fort Dodge on Thursday evening was discovered dead in Des Moines of what appears to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds. The homicide had taken place in Fort Dodge on Thursday evening. The body of the suspect had been located inside a residence in Des Moines, according to the tweet, which also contained this information. The murder occurred on a Thursday evening in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

The time of the incident was around 6 o’clock. The murder took place in Fort Dodge, which served as both the location and the context for the incident. At some point in the evening, a gunshot occurred at Fort Dodge that ultimately resulted in the loss of one person’s life. Adarius Keshawn Clayton, who is 27 years old, is suspected of being the person who shot and killed Nicole Reza on Thursday evening in the 700 block of Seventh Avenue North. Reza’s body had been found shot to death at that location.

There is a strong suspicion that Clayton was the one who was responsible for the murder of Nicole Reza. Reza was born in the town of Fort Dodge in the state of Iowa. There was adequate evidence to support the hypothesis that Adarius Keshawn Clayton was complicit in the offense. Adarius Keshawn Clayton was an accessory after the fact. At the same same time and location as the actual occurrence, a shot was fired, which served as the catalyst for the whole thing that ended up occurring.