Nelson Elliott Obituary West Virginia, Nelson Elliott Has Passed away

Nelson Elliott Obituary, Death – Nelson Elliott of West Virginia has sadly passed away. They were successful in bringing each of their five children, Lois and Doug MacKay, George and Aileen, Joe and Judy, Margaret and Robin Bryan, and Paul and Mary Jane, to their full potential.

His 18 grandchildren, including Kylie MacKay, Craig and Amy MacKay, Jason and Shelby Elliott, Jane and Bruce Pickel, Rob Elliott, Rebecca and Ryan Mailloux, Kelly and Neil McMillan, Jessica and Scott Cochrane, Joanne and Adam Hutchison, Sam and Brittany Elliott, Kim Elliott, Kolene and Ryan Gustafson, Kara and Adam Knott, Paula and Mike Jordan, and Penny and Mike Brookshaw, will miss him tremendously William and Elizabeth were his parents, and among their other children were their sons Calvin, Murray, Bill, and Lloyd.

Among their other children, they also had him. According to the time line of the occurrences, both of them had already departed away before he did. Also having great recollections of him are his wives’ sisters, Joanne (Jim) Myers, Shirley Elliott, and Dorothy Elliott. His first wife was a woman named Joanne (Jim) Myers.

Nelson devoted his entire life to farming, but in addition to that, he served on the West Nissouri Council, as the Warden of Middlesex County, as a Member of Parliament in Ottawa for the riding of London–Middlesex, and he has been a member of the Thorndale Mount Olivet Lodge for the past 60 years. All of these positions required him to travel frequently. Nelson devoted his entire life to farming as a career. Each of these roles required a great amount of work and dedication on the part of the applicant. It was expected of the applicants for each of these occupations that they would commit a significant portion of their time to the position.