Monica Sawyer Obituary, Chief Foodie And Foraging Officer, Monica Sawyer Has Died

Monica Sawyer Obituary, Death – Chief Foodie and Foraging Officer (CFFO), Monica Bartolatz-Sawyer played the role of mother, wife, and dearest friend to our family. The entire Just the Tips family is inconsolable over the news of her departure, which comes with a heart that is both completely broken and terribly heavy. She will be sorely missed by everyone. The future of Just the Tips is uncertain as a result of Monica being the fearless heart, soul, and overwhelming force of nature behind The Tips.

As you are all aware, Monica was the force behind The Tips. She was the driving force. Only the Tips will be removed from their online home for an undetermined amount of time. Throughout this series of sad occurrences that have befallen our family, we are appreciative of your concern as well as your tolerance for us. After hearing the news, I find myself completely unable to believe it. Monica has been a wonderful and kind member of the Fairbanks community ever since she began working at the Birth Center and continues to be so even now that she is employed by JTT.

It’s been a lot of pleasure coming up with ideas and daydreaming with her while we’ve been working on the Alaska Earth Mother products, going to massage sessions together, and watching her grow while she comes up with new recipes. It will be quite some time before her absence is no longer going to be overlooked. My condolences go out to her and everyone of her family during this difficult time. She cherished each of you beyond the sun and beyond the moon in her heart.