Mike Day Suicide, Retired Navy Seal And Perfectly Wounded Author Has Died

Mike Day Obituary, Death, Suicide – Mike Day has died of an apparent suicide. He was discovered to be dead. Being a warrior among fighters makes it more difficult to accept Mike’s loss after a life well lived. JT On our podcast, Mike and I had already had a chance to converse. We had a great opportunity with this.

Mike will always be regarded as a wonderful friend, comrade, and devoted, intelligent father. He was a silent fighter as well. This is how I will always remember him. He is the third Navy SEAL to reach this conclusion in recent months that this is the only way to end the suffering he is experiencing. My heart aches for all of you, not just for them but also for their family and our beloved little town. We must all significantly increase our ability to care for our brothers since this is a huge responsibility on our shoulders.

It’s a challenging day for the entire Navy Seal family. Mike was a genius and unquestionably one of the greatest people to have ever lived. If you’ve never heard of him, you ought to look him up. Throughout the fight, he took 27 shots in all yet never gave up. He lived up to his reputation as a hero and a legend, according to all the tales. For some reason, we failed to see his need for a sympathetic ear when so many others did.

Every time someone needed someone to listen to them, he was there for so many other individuals. May Mike Day’s passing bring him some peace. You have my utmost respect and affection, I just want you to know that. I’ll keep you, your loved ones, and the friends who care about you in my prayers. You may rely on us to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. If you or someone you know needs help, call the suicide prevention hotline or me at (988). There is a phone number on this page.