Michael Nigris Obituary, regional municipality of durham whitby Has Died

Michael Nigris Obituary – To Our Valued Customers and the Community of Cash Connections, As the majority of you are aware, our cherished Michael Nigris was brutally murdered on Thursday evening after his shift in front of the store. Michael was an incredible example of a human being. He was a brother, a son, and a very proud uncle all at the same time. His upbeat attitude and hilarious antics brought a ray of sunshine into everyone’s day.

Everyone who knew Michael was aware that he was a prankster who enjoyed making other people laugh. During this tremendously trying time, we wanted you to know how much we appreciated your love, understanding, and patience. Please be aware that we are doing all in our power to determine when each and every one of our clients will be able to come pick up and pay for their buy backs, layaways, and consignments.

We simply are unable to open the store in any manner at this time out of respect for our bereaved and grieving staff members and family members, as well as for the continuing investigation into the murder. When we finally have a plan in place, it will be posted on all of our social media accounts as well as on the doors of the store. We are keeping our fingers crossed that sometime during the following week, we will be able to buy back people’s stuff by opening the buy shop for a limited amount of time so that they can do so.

You may rest confident that there won’t be any further charges for any extensions at this time, and that none of your stuff will be lost. Your belongings are secure, and we will provide each person with an equal opportunity to retrieve them. Once more, I want to express my gratitude for your unwavering support and understanding. A lovely memorial has been erected in front of the store in Michael’s honor, and anyone who wishes to do so can pay their condolences by leaving flowers there. If you have any information regarding his murder, please get in touch with the homicide unit of the DRPS or crime stoppers.