Mexico hot air balloon accident left 2 dead and injured several

MEXICO CITY – On Saturday, officials in the region surrounding Mexico City made the announcement that a fire broke out in a hot air balloon in which three people were traveling, resulting in the deaths of two of those people and the injury of the third person. The hot air balloon was carrying the passengers.

According to the authorities in the state of Mexico, which borders the city, the girl is said to have suffered burns as well as a fractured arm. This information comes from the state. After the balloon was punctured, the people who were inside of it gave the impression, according to a video of the incident that was published on social media, that they were jumping or falling out of the craft after it was damaged.

Those who have passed away have been identified as a male in his 50s and a woman in her 38s. Teotihuacan, a pre-Columbian ruin site, was located in close proximity to the area where the disaster occurred, which was only to the north of Mexico City. It is common knowledge that rides in hot air balloons may be had in this part of the world.

Investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident is continuing at this time. Teotihuacan was once a vast metropolis that occupied an area of approximately 8 square miles and had a population of over 100,000 people when it was first settled. The identical Temples of the Sun and Moon, which are found within its confines,

are primarily responsible for their widespread notoriety (20 square kilometers). Between the years 100 B.C. and 750 A.D., when it was at the height of its power, the still-mysterious metropolis was ranked as one of the largest in the world. Yet, by the time the Aztecs ascended to prominence in the 14th century, the city had long since been deserted.