Maura McArdle Obituary, Founding Member Of The Ladies Football Club Has Passed Away

Maura McArdle Obituary, Death – Maura McArdle was one of the very first students to sign up for the Queen’s University Women’s Football Club when it initially began recruiting players. During the school year 1993–1994, which was also the year when the club was founded for the very first time, she decided to sign up to become a member of the organization. On top of that, the year in question was the one in which the organization held its very first competition.

Because of her leaving, we are left with a profound sense of loss, which is a direct effect of the situation. This result can be traced back to the unfortunate passing of the individual in question. As a result of Maura’s outstanding performance in intercollegiate athletics for Queen’s University throughout the year 1997, the university was successful in securing a seat for her on the Combined Colleges Select squad. Maura was selected to play for the Combined Colleges Select squad.

This accolade is a direct reflection of her success in the aforementioned competitions, in which she competed. Because the university was successful in getting a place for Maura in the program, this result was within the realm of possibility. Maura made her debut as a competitor for Queen’s University during the previous season, which was the first time that she had ever done so. In this trying time, please accept our sincere condolences; they are being sent to her family as well as all of her close friends and neighbors. We know this must be a terrible time for all of you. We feel a profound sense of sorrow for the loss that you have endured.