Mary Hunt Obituary, OPAN Mourns Loss Of Aged Care Rights Advocate

Mary Hunt Obituary, Death- Mary Anne Hunt, a former chairman of OPAN and president of Elder Rights Advocacy, died yesterday following a brief illness. Today, Australia’s Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) paid tribute to her. According to a statement from OPAN senior management, Mary Anne is a fervent supporter of elderly care rights and a strong voice for change.

According to the statement, Mary Anne was well aware of the difficulties involved because she had experience working as a manager and senior manager in the elderly care and disability sectors. She spoke to them in a way that successfully combined kindness with business sense. “Mary Anne was steadfast in her commitment to changing the aged care system during her nine-year tenure as chairperson at Elder Rights Advocacy.” When she joined the Elder Rights Advocacy Board in 2012, there were six employees; today, there are around 50. She oversaw the organization’s expansion from that point on.

Mary Anne guided the OPAN network from strength to strength after assuming the position of chairman in August 2018, according to the organization. She was unshakable in her belief in the possibilities of a national advocacy group. She was also determined to keep the government and service providers accountable. “Mary Anne was a wise manager and a kind teacher. Because of her participation, Elder Rights Advocacy and OPAN are stronger, richer, and more stable. “While Mary Anne preferred to say that the two organizations’ success was a “team effort,” her contribution should not be understated.

She was diligent, professional, and realistic. She was very heartfelt. She also recognized the power of a team. According to OPAN, Mary Anne put a lot of effort into addressing the COVID-19 pandemic’s disproportionate impact on older people and bringing attention to the critical function that advocacy performs in the aged care system. She urged the government to execute all of the recommendations following the release of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s final report in 2021 in order to guarantee that seniors could exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms when using aged care services.

“Mary Anne championed OPAN’s push for a similar movement in aged care, asserting the right of older people to live in the way and where they want, having seen the positive impact of deinstitutionalization in the disability sector.” She was especially pleased with OPAN’s Home and Aged Care Cost Education Project’s recent success in ensuring that seniors had a fair and equal approach to the fees and charges associated with their aged care. When it came to senior care, Mary Anne, so the saying goes, “walked the walk.”

There is no question that she has left the world a better place because of her tireless advocacy for a society where older people are heard, informed, and respected. “Mary Anne was cherished and appreciated by the network, Elder Rights Advocacy, and OPAN. Staff members and senior citizens alike will miss her insight, selflessness, and gift for pastoral care very much. Mary Anne wrote: “Difficult roads frequently lead to beautiful destinations” in her most recent social media post. The very best is still to come. “She was certain of this. Her OPAN family closed its statement by saying, “We do, too.