Makenna Purvis Obituary, 19-Year-Old Girl Found Dead In Huntsville, Alabama

Makenna Purvis Obituary, Death – It has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that the skeleton remains that were discovered near Valley Head, Alabama on March 23, 2023, belonged to Makenna Joy Purvis, who was 19 years old at the time of her passing away. This identification was made in the Huntsville, Alabama location of the Alabama Department of Forensic Science Laboratory. As a consequence of everyone hearing this news, there is a profound sense of loss that has been left behind.

In September of 2022, there were reports going around that Makenna had mysteriously disappeared without a trace. As her last known whereabouts was in the area surrounding Inspect Drive in Valley Head, Alabama, a comprehensive search as well as an investigation have been conducted in this part of the state ever since she went missing. The human remains were located by the Huntsville Search Dog Unit in the end. They were the ones who were ultimately responsible for the discovery. There is not even a scrap of evidence to suggest that there was any kind of foul play involved, thus this cannot be considered a case of criminal activity.

Not only do we want to express our gratitude to the Search Dog Unit, but also to all of the other volunteers who helped in the hunt for Makenna. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Fisher Rescue Team for the assistance they provided in the coordination of the searches. During this difficult moment, Makenna’s family asks that their need for privacy be honored because they are going through a difficult time. I am grateful to you for taking this into consideration. A wake or memorial service will be held in their honor at some point in the not too distant future.