Luke Gabriel Bird Obituary Annapolis, MD, US Naval Academy Midshipman Has Died

Luke Gabriel Bird Obituary, Death – In Annapolis, Maryland, where he was a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy, my young son Luke Gabriel Bird’s remains are interred in a cemetery. Carson Wayne Bird, my late father, finished the race and kept the faith. Currently, his earthly remains are buried in the cemetery in Shamrock, Texas.

Therefore, I weep, mourn, and often stare off into space as I think back to happier days before two swords wounded my soul this past year. However, at this moment, I exhale fully, fill my lungs, and exclaim, “Hallelujah! Praise be to the Lord! Christ has, after all, risen. Right now, we are in mourning, but not always. Although we are currently in pain, it will end. For the time being, we visit cemeteries, but not always.

Jesus’ lungs, heart, and limbs were filled with warmth, pulse, and breath, when they had before ceased breathing, stopped beating, and had turned chilly and gray. His entire body shook. His eyes opened and closed. He inhaled deeply. A smile spread across his face as he got to his feet. He got up! He stood up. He was alive and is still living.

Because Christ physically overcame death, He is now, always, and forever Alive. Please, Luke. with Carson. For people who have discovered Jesus, such as you and I. Cemeteries may house our loved ones’ remains temporarily right now, but this is not their “final resting place.” In no way. Make that day soon, O Lord, so that grave markers will pop like champagne corks and the glorified bodies of believers will spring from the earth when the trumpet blasts.

A great army, clothed in white, with its faces lifted, will cry Hallelujah to their returning King of kings. Until then, we wait, we smile through our tears, we season our anguish with hope, and we firmly plant our souls in the resurrection body of the God who took in human form, perished, and then rose again in order to redeem you. Happy Easter to those of you who, like me, celebrate life and laugh at death as we dance today, despite our limps, to the brand-new music of the magnificent resurrection.