Lisa German Obituary, Lisa German Has Peacefully Passed Away

Lisa German Obituary, Death – Lisa German, has left me feeling stunned and grieved. My first encounter with Lisa was when she was scheduled to perform with me in Room 2 at DTPM at Fabric, which was a weekly residency that began on the same weekend in late 1999 that Fabric opened its doors. During the nearly seven years that we played together on a weekly basis, Lisa would start the night and play before I would. Because I was more interested in the Techno side of things.

We were a great compliment to each other because she was more into the House side of Tech House and I was more into the Techno end of things. In point of fact, our musical collaboration was so fruitful that we continued to play together at a variety of different residencies all around London. These residencies were all extremely well attended, including the terrace at Onyx in Area in Vauxhall every Friday night, which was for a time the most popular and crowded gay club in London.

Together, we also played every Monday night on the Star Bar dancefloor in Heaven (Popcorn). Not only did we help keep that dancefloor very busy every Monday, but that space had the energy and spirit (in the Noughties) of some of the finest London underground clubs of the 1990s. Not only did we help keep that dancefloor very busy, but we also helped keep that dancefloor very busy every Monday. In the past, we laughed about it. Lisa has a kind and gentle spirit. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing her will mourn her passing deeply. As I type these lines, I am having a hard time accepting the fact that you are no longer here. In any case, I have no doubt that you are partying it up in heaven, darling! Adieu, till the next time