Levi Long Obituary, Terre Haute, IN, Lifelong Resident Has Sadly Passed Away

Levi Long Obituary, Death – Levi made it clear that he did not want his passing to be commemorated in any way, including a funeral or memorial ceremony. We will be planning a celebration of life for everyone in his family and circle of friends, during which time they will have the opportunity to get together and reminisce about the fun times they had with him and chat about how much they will miss him.

We would be very appreciative of any gift you could make to help us cover the costs of this unexpected calamity, and we would like to express our thanks in advance. At around 3:54 in the afternoon, the police received a complaint about a person who had been shot in the vicinity of Third and Hulman. The victim was located in the neighborhood of Third and Hulman.

A lady who was driving a motor vehicle contacted 911 to report that she had accidentally shot her husband while she was moving a pistol inside the moving vehicle. The incident occurred when the woman was transferring the pistol. The event took place as she was passing the pistol to another person. When the police arrived, they discovered a man, subsequently determined to be Taylor Long, 33,

unresponsive in the front passenger seat of a vehicle that was parked on the north side of the Big Red Liquors company. Long was later identified as the victim. In anticipation of the arrival of medical personnel, the police immediately began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other lifesaving procedures.

After medical personnel arrived, they took over and transported the victim to the Regional Hospital. However, Long did not emerge victorious from the ordeal. Even if it is claimed that this incident was the result of an accidental discharge, the detectives will continue to investigate this case in its totality and review the evidence that was obtained from the car.