Leni Whiddett

Leni Whiddett Missing, London, UK, Help Find Charter North school Student

Leni Whiddett Missing – Kindly pass this information along to any other community organizations that you might be familiar with in your area. Leni Whiddett, who is currently 14 years old and was supposed to return home from school yesterday (March 31-3-23) but she did not.

It was approximately 12:20 when she was last seen, and she was wearing the uniform that she wore to school, which consisted of a pullover in navy and slacks in navy. She attended Charter North. In addition to those, she sported a pair of white sneakers and a black Adidas coat.

There is a good chance that she is covering her face with a blue mask that looks very much like the ones that the NHS employees wear. According to the information on her AirTag, she was last spotted in the area surrounding North Dulwich Station. Leni has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and is a sensitive person.

The number 4650-31032023 is the reference number for the person who has been reported missing. Please get in touch with either us or the missing person line at the Brixton Police Station, which can be reached at 07770 811177, if you have any information that might be pertinent or helpful. (This information was taken from a presentation given by a different organization)