Latasha Blake Obituary, Pocomoke City Woman Dies In Virginia Eastern Shore Car Accident

Latasha Blake Death, Obituary – The Virginia State Police is conducting an investigation into a tragic collision that happened on Friday night. According to the authorities, the driver of the car that killed a Pocomoke City lady by running her over left the site of the accident and continued driving.

The Virginia State Police were summoned to the intersection of Routes 13 and 175 in Accomack County on March 31 at 7:56 p.m. as a result of an incident involving a vehicle that struck someone before evading the scene of the collision. A pedestrian crossed the street against the direction of the traffic signal as a 2001 Chevrolet Impala going south on Route 13 was about to arrive at the crossroads. These findings are based on the first studies that have been made.

At the time, Warner Ross, who was 74 years old, was driving a car and had the green light to cross the junction. In an effort to avoid hitting the pedestrian, he swerved the car and hit the brakes. The pedestrian, a 38-year-old lady, was struck by Ross after he was unable to avoid hitting her, resulting in her falling to the ground.

Following Ross, an unidentified car that was subsequently described as a black jeep with a New York license plate struck and ran over the pedestrian. The mystery vehicle then refused to stop and kept traveling southbound on Highway 13 without stopping. The pedestrian was hit by the impala and suffered injuries; however, she passed away as a result of the injuries she had suffered when an unidentified vehicle drove over her.

The pedestrian, whose identity was later revealed to be Latasha Blake, lived in the 400 block of Banks Street in Pocomoke City and was hit by the impala. The victim’s family has been updated on the circumstances, but the investigation is still ongoing at this present moment.