Larrye deBear Obituary, Rocky Hill Democratic Town Committee Member Has Sadly Passed Away

Larrye deBear Obituary, Death – A Dedication to the Process of Bringing About Favorable Alterations in One’s Community
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest condolences to each and every one of you on the passing of Larrye deBear, who was not only a treasured friend but also a pillar of strength for a good many of us. Larrye was a friend to all of us and will be greatly

missed. The presence of Larrye will be sorely missed. In both the development of our community and the narrative of its past, Larrye played a crucial role as an important figure. Larrye Grasso was not only Ella Grasso’s press secretary throughout her time in office, but she also spent a significant amount of time representing Rocky Hill as a council member for a very long period of time. During the time when Ella Grasso was serving as Mayor of Rocky Hill, she was in charge of this department. He was quick with a smile, always willing to

roll up his sleeves and get to work, a creative writer, and a mentor to many of the team members that were a part of our organization. He was always willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work. Subsequently, he moved on to greener pastures at a new and improved location. Despite this, the love that he had in his heart for Carol, who had already died away by the time he was born, was the aspect of his

personality that was most deserving of praise and admiration. The Rocky Hill Democratic Town Committee would like to express its gratitude to Larrye for the work he has done throughout his life, which has contributed to the growth of not only our state but also our community. Larrye’s labor has helped the advancement of both of these areas. These advancements are a direct consequence of the efforts that he has put into this endeavor.

During this time, the Guerrera family is being remembered and prayed for by everyone, but especially by our extended family as well as other members and friends who are extremely close to the Guerreras. I want God to grant him the peace and contentment that can only come from being in heaven. Please hear my prayer and answer it.