Larry Silsby Obituary, Larry Silsby Has Passed Away

Larry Silsby Obituary, Death – Larry Silsby will be remembered by many people, according to his friends and coworkers, for his contagious smile and his kind personality, while others will remember him for the long-lasting influence he had on Aurelius Township. As a result of Silsby’s passing away on Thursday at the age of 83, the township, the community in the Mason area, and the Lansing region all suffered the loss of a kind-hearted guy, neighbor, and civic leader.

According to Gary Malcangi, a trustee for the township of Aurelius, the individual in question has served in the capacity of township supervisor for more than three decades. In addition to being a spouse, he was a father to three children, a grandfather to eight grandkids, and a great-grandfather to two people. Judith Clark worked for Silsby for the better part of three decades. Prior to her time there, she held the position of treasurer for Aurelius Township. She claimed that he devoted his entire life and career to serving other people and doing the very best he could for them. According to what she stated, he was a doctor.

According to Malcangi, Silsby was a trustee for a period of four years before being promoted to the post of supervisor in 1984, which was a position he held until the time of his passing. This promotion came after Silsby had already served as a trustee for a period of four years. It was extremely clear, just by looking at his face, that the job was something that he truly enjoyed doing and that this enjoyment translated into his work.