Kenneth Herron Obituary, Member Of The Clarke County Sheriff Department Has Passed Away

Kenneth Herron Obituary, Death – The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office shares the news of Former Chief Deputy Kenneth Herron’s passing with a heavy heart. Kenneth Herron served the agency for many years before retiring. Kenny was his name, and he began his career in law enforcement in 1979 by joining the Berryville Police Department as a police officer.

Kenny is known by everyone. Kenny took his oath of office as a Deputy Sheriff in 1984, and the person who did it for him was the Sheriff at the time, Albert Nicodemus. In 1988, after Sheriff Dale Gardner was successfully elected to the position of Sheriff, Kenny was elevated to the position of Chief Deputy Sheriff by Sheriff Gardner. Until Kenny Roper retired from full-time employment in 2006, he continued to serve as the Chief Deputy under the direction of Sheriff Anthony Roper. After a brief absence, Kenny returned to the Sheriff’s Office in 2006 to take a position as a part-time employee in the Court Security Division.

Up until 2016, Kenny only worked part-time jobs. After completing his time in the military and before commencing his career in law enforcement, he served his country in the armed forces. Kenny will be remembered as a kind and compassionate individual who never knew an acquaintance he didn’t like. He was the quintessential example of what it meant to work in the public sector. Every day, we will remember Kenny with fondness, but his legacy will live on. We will let everyone know as soon as the funeral arrangements have been finalized. During this trying time, please remember to keep the Herron family in your thoughts and prayers.