Kenneth Capps Obituary, Kenneth Capps Has Sadly Passed Away

Kenneth Capps Obituary, Death – You can rest assured that you will never be forgotten about at any point in time. Papa Duck Kenneth Capps is the one who is going to be doing the talking right now. I’m sorry it took me till today to find out that you passed away a month ago; I was unaware of it until today. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Please accept my sincere sympathies. If Steve and I had known about the memorial service for you sooner and been given the opportunity to attend, we would have traveled all the way to Mooresburg, Tennessee, to pay our respects to you at the event that was held in your honor at the venue that was located so far away. The event was held in your honor because you were a wonderful person.
Till the very end of time and throughout all of eternity.

I shall be grateful to both of you for the friendship that we have. For being the considerate and friendly individual that you are, Papa Duck, we are thankful to you, and for this reason, we would want to convey our gratitude to you. I wish and pray that you will one day experience the peace and quiet that you so richly deserve. At this precise second, every single part of my heart has just been shattered into a million different pieces. I feel absolutely broken.