Kayleigh Scott Obituary, Montebello, CA, Transgender Flight Attendant and Activist Has passed Away

Kayleigh Scott Obituary, Death – The mother of transgender activist Kayleigh Scott, who passed away last week after posting an impassioned farewell on social media, says her daughter “loved and showed compassion” to everyone. In 2020, Scott, a flight attendant from Colorado, appeared in a commercial for United Airlines and spoke openly about her experience transitioning and why she thought it was crucial to share her experience.

Scott made a social media reference to her struggles in a tweet on March 23. Family members later revealed she had passed just a short while after. Scott’s mother, Andrea Sylvestro, tells PEOPLE, “It’s heartbreaking to see the agony in your child’s eyes, and you want you could take that away.” She goes on to say, “She was this brilliant light who simply loved and hugged everyone. “Everyone who contacted her was loved and treated with compassion.

She was very unique.” Via social media posts and appearances on podcasts like Something’s Coming Up, Scott previously shared details of her journey. She talked about her upbringing and how she came to understand herself. She stated on the show in 2020, “Growing up, living as a male early in my life, I started to figure out things were different… these clothing don’t feel right, these toys don’t feel right.

I started to know that I’m not a boy when I was around 9 years old. Yet Scott recalled that when she was a teenager, bullying had a negative impact on her mental health and led to thoughts of suicide. The bullying, concealing who I was, and failing to confront it all combined to the point where she was unable to continue.

Sylvestro claims that since Scott’s passing, unidentified people have been sending her “cruel” internet messages. She tells PEOPLE that “there are just some really nasty and vicious people in this world; I have been tormented by hundreds of people sending hateful texts suggesting that this was my fault.” I don’t think [Kayleigh] deserves that.