Kath Allan Obituary, Ignatius Park College Market Has Sadly Passed Away

Kath Allan Obituary, Death – In light of the fact that Kath Allan passed away earlier today, the College would like to take this opportunity to offer its most sincere condolences to both her family and all of the people who were close to her throughout her life. Kath Allan was a member of the College community for many years. It was reported earlier today that Kath Allan had passed away. Kath is a

well-liked member of the community that dwells on our campus, and for a number of years, she has been a devoted customer of both the Toast Room and the Uniform Store. We do not have any information regarding the date that her funeral will take place at this time; nevertheless, we will continue to educate the other members of the community on our campus about this topic as soon as we learn any new information relevant to it. They would be very appreciative if you could keep Kath’s family in your thoughts and prayers, and if you

can do so, you can do so by clicking here. They have expressed their utmost gratitude for your consideration of this matter. Please be aware that they would be really grateful if you could do what it takes to make this happen for them. I would like to make use of this opportunity to express my appreciation to you in advance for the thoughtful consideration you have provided, and I would also like to

take use of this possibility. O Lord, may you bestow upon her the gift of rest that last for all of eternity, and may the glory of your light shine brightly upon her in any and every way and at any and all times. I say a prayer every day that she will find the peace and comfort she needs in your companionship for the rest of eternity. I pray that for all of eternity, God would shower her with the kind of peace that is only found in heaven. This is the kind of peace that she deserves. Amen