Karlton Davis Car Accident, Phoenix, Arizona, Family And Friends Mourn Death

Karlton Davis Obituary, Death, Accident – Karlton Davis of Richmond, Virginia tragically died in a car accident. Karlton lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and studied at Hampden-Sydney College. Karlton Davis, my elder brother, may you rest in peace understanding how much we will miss you.

I appreciate your being there for me whenever I needed a friend’s support and for giving me inspiration when I wanted to give up. I am really appreciative of them both. I will always remember the time I got to spend with you at your house throughout those years, as well as the visits we made back to Richmond. I’m currently experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil, therefore I’m at a loss for words when it comes to talking about anything.

Accepting that Karlton Davis is no longer among us is a challenge for me. We simply had a drink and spoke about how much we missed the good old days when we first ran into one another in Richmond about a month ago. That particular recollection keeps popping up at random moments in my thinking.

I apologize for not having the chance to properly bid you farewell on that specific day. Before I started my senior year of high school, I started the habit of dropping by your house every morning on the way to the bus stop before heading to class. The bus driver would always scold at us for being such a hassle in the mornings, or we would make the entire bus giggle.

We were like brothers for the entire year, from the time we left ways after that night’s football practice to the time we parted ways in the morning, even though you hadn’t even begun high school yet. Your high school senior year had just started. We have moved to various places and our relationship has evolved, but our love for one another as if it were family has never stopped. We have always treated one another with the same amount of affection, despite the fact that our paths may have varied over the years. By alone, this one hurts so deeply.