Jordin Craft Obituary, Lehi, Utah, Lifelong Resident Has Sadly Passed Away

Jordin Craft Obituary, Death – I’m having such a hard time holding back the tears because my heart hurts so deeply. When I most required your assistance, you were there for me. You started coming over to my house every day after Kyle passed away. Every every day as we sat there and talked about our past, we both found ourselves getting emotional.

You were able to pull me out of my state of depression. You helped me get out of bed every morning and be grateful for what I already had going for me. You were the stepbrother I never asked for but was blessed to receive. You were the therapist that I did not want but ended up getting nonetheless since you made me realize that I was loved.

My eyes were opened to the fact that there is so much more to life thanks to you. You stayed by my side even though I was just bringing a new baby girl into this world, and you were there for me the entire time. I still can’t believe you’ve left us, my dear brother. One of the reasons why this is one of my favorite videos is because it demonstrates how much you helped me out while I was stuck in bed and unable to get up on my own.

You continued to be your goofy, joke-making self throughout the conversation. I adore you so much Craft, Jordin Jordin Craft, I do not have sufficient words to say, and even fewer images, to portray how much of an influence you have made on my life. I am very grateful for everything that you have done for me.

The last question you posed to me was regarding whether or not I was interested in going to Moab and having a good time. I would trade everything in the world for just one more moment with you to call our own. I will never forget the time you passed out in the car ride to Kenedy’s wedding leaving me with your two rambunctious kids wanting to say a million words a minute. I’m going to miss you more than any post I can make. I love you cousin, fly high