John Walter Obituary, John Walter Has Passed Away

John Walter Obituary, Death – John Walter, who had reached the age of 80 when he passed away on March 28, 2023, did so in a calm and collected manner in the comfort of his own home, surrounded by members of his own family. His passing occurred on the same day that he would have been turning another year older. He was a devoted father to Debbie, Danny, and Sonny, who all valued him tremendously. He was a devoted husband to Brenda, who sadly went away.

He was a loving husband to Brenda, He was his loyal wife and companion. A grandfather who gave his grandsons his whole and undivided attention, especially Marcus, Brendan, Jonathan, Myles, and Ryan. In addition to being a brother to Fred and Frank and a close friend to Marion, he is also fondly referred to as “Grampy” by Ellie, Edie, Evelyn, Emilia, Elbie, Phoebe, and Elo, who are all members of his extended family. Fred and Frank are his brothers, while Marion is a close friend of his.

Anyone who is interested in attending the funeral ceremony that will be performed for John is kindly asked to get in touch with Debbie on their own accord in order to express their desire to do so. The service will be held soon. We would like to respectfully request that this notice be disseminated in the typical manner in order to notify as many people as possible of John’s recent passing and the upcoming arrangements for his funeral. In addition, we would like to inform as many people as possible about the upcoming arrangements for John’s funeral. In addition, we would like to disseminate information about the forthcoming funeral preparations for John to the greatest number of individuals possible.