John Scorfina Obituary, St. Louis, MO, Owner at Midwest stormtech Has Sadly Passed Away

John Scorfina Obituary, Death – Words cannot express how astonished and heartbroken I am. Every day I was with you in the hospital, I thought you were getting closer and closer to leaving, but the Lord instead took you to rest, so you are no longer in pain. You not only made me incredibly joyful, but you also gave me a lot to learn.

You’ve been so resilient over the past few weeks and wished you could keep going, but it was your turn. You never gave yourself credit and always put everyone else before yourself. You made me feel good, but now I feel like I’ve been knocked down. You continue to be and always will be in my heart. You deserved everything and then some. This summer, I was prepared to climb roofs with you.

I wish I could persevere and become like you someday, John. I can’t believe this is really happening because I loved you so much. I wish I could give you the ice chips you so much wanted while giving you one last kiss on the forehead. You gave me a sense of security and comfort unlike any other, and your concern for others was truly incredible.

Life must now be seen in the same light as I could not imagine it without you. But I’m confident that you’ll always be here with me. Last night, Heaven welcomed another devoted Angel. And my thoughts are with his entire family and circle of friends. Even on a terrible day, John wouldn’t let it affect him. He persisted in carrying on with his day and overcame all of his challenges.

Never in my life have I encountered someone as strong as John. He is exceptional. I’ll keep leading a strong woman’s life for you. I’m sure you’ll be looking down, and I’ll keep making you smile from up there. Your smile has always improved my day. I’ll miss the white sauce and spaghetti you made for me, as well as the days when we did nothing but console one another when the day was through. I could go on and on about you, but know that you will never be forgotten. I will always and forever love you. RIP