John Coleman Obituary, Death, Erie PA unexpectedly passed away

John Coleman Obituary, Death Cause – There are no words that can adequately convey how I am feeling right now. I cannot even begin to explain it. It was common knowledge that John Coleman was one of the most charitable people who had ever stepped foot on the Gannon University campus. He was known as “Coleman.” Throughout the period that he was there, he fulfilled the roles of father, uncle, brother, friend, and support system for everyone.

Also, he was the first person to let everyone know how wonderful they were as a group. He was the first to comment on stories with words of encouragement, and he loved his family with all of his heart. He was the first to comment on tales. He never missed a birthday or an anniversary. We are thankful that throughout our time as students, you were our very first friend and that you loved each of us to such a great extent.

Mr. Coleman, you have our eternal gratitude. Members of the Coleman Family… Be conscious of the love, support, and prayers that are being offered up for you at this time. We will never forget your father or husband for as long as we live since he made a mark on each and every one of us that attended Gannon. I am shocked and saddened to learn of John Coleman’s demise. He was such a wonderful human being. Anybody who knew him came out of the experience better for it. John, may you rest in peace. I am thinking of and praying for everyone of his family.