Jim Johnson WOMC Obituary, Former E-8 At United States Navy Has Died

Jim Johnson Obituary, Death – Jim Johnson a former E-8 At United States Navy has sadly passed away. He treated me in the same way a stepfather would treat a child. I first came into contact with him when I was in sixth grade. His daughter Karen was and remains my closest friend, and we will cherish our bond for as long as either of us lives.

He taught me how to respond in suitable situations and corrected me when necessary. He demonstrated his love for me just when I needed it. He was there to support and inspire me when I made the choice to join the Navy. He was both my Godson and the grandpa of my son at the same time. Johnson Jim, You will always hold a very special place in my heart since you were my surrogate father. I really love you. I understand the importance of your family members in your life. Every single member of the family has my deepest sympathies. I hope he will spend all of eternity in peace.

You’re also going to suffer the consequences of all of this. We are thankful that you have been a member of our family for as long as any of the grandchildren have been alive. As Kyle and Konnor are actually his grandchildren, I should have written my first article to refer to you as an aunt and identify them as such.

I should have referred to you as an aunt in my first piece, which I should have done. You are all aware of the extent of our love and devotion for each and every one of you, I have no doubt. I humbly beg that you accept my apologies in light of this. I am aware that you did not interpret what was said as a personal attack, but when something has such a profound impact on you, you need to stand back and consider the nuances of the circumstance.