Jessie Sanders Tehama California Shooting Police Investigating

Tehama California – Jessie Sanders, a student at Rancho Tehama Elementary School, fled in the direction of the sound of gunshots to divert the attention of a shooter who had begun firing at the school. The shooter’s name has not been released. Regrettably, she did not achieve the desired results in her endeavor.

Sanders took a hit, but it is hoped that he will make a full recovery from the injuries he sustained. Sanders claimed that he knew all four persons who were shot and killed by the suspect and that one of the victims was his closest friend. Sanders said that he knew all four people who were killed. Sanders claimed that he was acquainted with all four victims who had been murdered.

He sat down for an interview with KCRA right before the time that he was going to deliver the bad news to the son of his closest friend. To get the full scoop, make sure to watch the video that’s been embedded above. Kevin Janson On Tuesday, Neal carried on a shooting rampage in numerous locations in the secluded town of Rancho Tehama Reserve.

As a result of his actions, five people were killed, and 10 others were injured. After that, the officials who were in charge of law enforcement opened fire on him, which ultimately led to his death. On Wednesday, the authorities announced that Neal’s wife had been found dead inside their home. Her body had been there since Wednesday.

Since Tuesday, her body has been lying in that spot. It was discovered that her body had been thrown under the floor and covered up with dirt. See the most recent article from the Associated Press for the most up-to-date information on the mass shooting that took place in Northern California, which is included in the most recent piece from that news organization.