Jerry Foster Obituary, Death, Arizona US, unexpectedly passed away

Jerry Foster Obituary, Death – Where or how does one begin their journey? How do you say goodbye to someone important to so many people in your life? Someone who, despite physical separation, you still considered to be a friend. Today, I am dealing with something similar to your issue. Throughout your life, Jerry, you were an inspiration to a multitude of people.

Many people directly owe their lives to you and the unrelenting expertise that you have. You were an innovator across the board, in every sense of the word. You were a proud veteran who had served in the military and returned home, where you not only put your skills to use but also improved upon them. You have been of use to this Valley of the Sun in every conceivable way.

You were present when others would not or were unable to be there. You exposed a great number of people to the splendor of this state, which they would not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise. Because of you, I was motivated to explore and document the natural splendor that Arizona has to offer through photography. Although we have only shared a few in-person encounters, the back-and-forth communication between us has given the impression that we are good friends.

Your undeniable devotion to the Lord, your wife Linda, your children, and your country shone through in each and every one of our discussions. Unfortunately, we will never be able to enjoy that taco lunch that we have joked about so many times before. Yet things are looking up for you with God now. You, Kent (Dana), Senator Goldwater, your dear friend Ladmo, and Leverton (Bill) are all back together again.

Someone else shared with me that after God created you, he shattered the pattern. That is not accurate because you did not emerge from a pre-existing mold. You are a one-of-a-kind creation that only God could have made. You certainly were. Sky King, you will be sorely missed.